Dreams In The Making

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Dreams In the Making

Inspire yourself and your friends to live out your dreams!

Dreams In The Making is an upbeat, inspiring collection of songs, ranging from powerful adult pop/rock to sensitive ballads, centered around the theme of creating a life of one's own design. The 12 positive, heartfelt songs (plus a fun hidden, bonus track), written by Scott Johnson and performed by a talented ensemble of performers and singers, explore the possibilities of one's life and the potential for greatness that we all share.

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"Most people give up on their dreams by the time they're 30 or so," says Johnson. "We're all so busy with work, family and school. But it's never too late. At 42, I feel like I'm just getting warmed up." [Click here to read the complete story behind DITM...]

Dreams In The Making is also available as part of our special "Dreams & Joy" and "Dreams Come True" CD and book bundles.

CD Tracks and Audio Samples

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  1. Right This Moment
  2. How Am I Spending My Time
  3. Let Your Dreams Come True
  4. On The Verge Of Something Great
  5. Lighten Up There Boy
  6. Will My Dreams Ever Come True
  7. It Don't Get Better Than This
  8. Wide Open Space
  9. Staring At The Stars
  10. What Matters Most
  11. The Hell With It All
  12. It's Never Too Late

Plus, a special "hidden" bonus track.

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Praise for Dreams In The Making

"'Dreams in the Making' is a rarity: a perfect CD....everyone needs to hear this CD....I don't know how to explain what this CD did to me."
-- Jennifer Layton, Indie-Music.com [Read the entire review at Indie-Music]

"Psychologically, it's the best CD I've heard this year. Musically, of course, it kicks and warms the heart alternately.... If I had any real power, I'd take Celine Dion and Aerosmith off the air and let this man have a running jump at the charts."
-- Ben Ohmart, Music reviewer [Read the full review at The Muse’s Muse...]

"Dreams In The Making will help your soul sing. It's a wonderful collection of upbeat, inspiring songs to encourage you to dream big."
-- Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup For The Soul

"His songs are mostly bright and upbeat, overflowing with undying enthusiasm...the honesty of his apparent joy is infections....You'll be singing along and smiling in spite of yourself."
--Mish Mash Indie Music Reviews, Issue #33, August 2001 [Read the entire review]

"'Dreams In The Making' contains music that will make your spirit soar. Scott is a most talented human being."
-- Robin Sharma, Author of the national bestseller "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari"

"Wonderful, fun, dynamic, powerful. Use this music to inspire and put into action your dreams and new-to-the-world ideas!"
-- Doug Hall, dubbed "America's Top New Product Idea Man" by Inc. Magazine Founder & President of Eureka! Ranch Creativity and marketing consultant, author of "Jump Start Your Brain" and "Making the Courage Connection"

"Your music is deep, rich and soul stirring."
-- Marcia Wieder, Speaker & Author of "Making Your Dreams Come True", San Francisco, CA

"Dreams In The Making expresses an exhuberance for life that is delightful and infectious, filled with insights, humor and memorable melodies. Great energy, well performed and beautifully presented. The world needs more of it!"
-- Herb Allen, composer, arranger, music director of Up With People for over 30 years

"A winner."
-- Greg Glasgow, Music critic, Daily Camera, Boulder, CO

"Scott Johnson's CD Dreams in the Making is one of the finest collections of songs I've heard in all my years in the radio business. His songs carry an uplifting and humorous message that is refreshing to hear in today's world."
-- Ray Skibitsky, President, Eclectic Radio Company

"Dreams in the Making is the kind of CD an athlete can use for inspiration either during a workout or for motivation. It's versatile, touching and upbeat. This is a favorite of mine for long runs and long hill climbs on the bike."
-- Beth Davis, Ultrarunner, triathlete and swimming instructor/coach, Boulder, Colorado

"This is music to inspire your dreams - whether you're living your best life, or somewhere in the search to find it, these songs will guide you. The messages on 'Dreams in the Making' will wake up your creative spirit -- and awakening others through music is clearly one of Scott Johnson's great gifts."
-- Katrina Sarson, Emmy-award winning television producer

"Scott's music touches people of all ages, because it's the language of the soul which knows no boundaries. His songs inspire and enlighten listeners. When I hear them my whole being smiles."
-- Marla Oberhausen, Ph.D. Host of "Life Is What You Make It" and "Seniors Speak" on Radio Colorado

"One cannot help but feel lighter, happier, and more energized to move forward with their own dreams when listening to Scott Johnson's CD, Dreams in the Making. I would recommend Dreams in the Making to anyone who wants to live their potential! "
-- Kathy Pike, Personal & Professional Coach Boulder, CO

"We have waited for this album. I listened to this music and found myself in awe. Relieved by the powerful clean spirit of the music, inspired by the words.but most of all thankful that one CD could have it all: Rock, Swing, Blues and the message of 'have fun making your dreams a real part of your life."
-- Sandy Billings, business consultant Boston, MA

"Music for the new millennium. Johnson inspires us to be open to new possibilites within ourselves, to trust what we yearn for and to bring it forth."
-- Nick Morris President, NBM Communications Boulder, CO

"It's refreshing to hear good music that's positive and life affirming and appeals to what's best in all of us. It's inspiring, fun, heartfelt and powerful."
-- Steve Goodier, author and publisher Life Support System Publishing, Inc. Divide, Colorado

"Dreams in the Making puts a smile on this doctor's face, starts his feet to tapping, and gives the upbeat outlook all his patients should have."
--Dr. William Johnson, Medford, Oregon

"In a world where negativity and nonsense get so much attention -- from political maneuvering and backstabbing to what celebrities are earning or wearing -- it's refreshing and moving to listen to Dreams In The Making -- a personal yet universal statement about being authentic and bringing out what's best in all of us."
--Rajean Shepherd, Teacher and mother North Platte, Nebraska