Dreams & Joy Bundle

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Googol Press and Steve Goodier team up to bring you a special reduced-price CD/Book bundle!

Dreams In The Making is an upbeat, inspiring collection of songs, ranging from powerful adult pop/rock to sensitive ballads, centered around the theme of creating a life of one's own design. The 12 positive, heartfelt songs (plus a fun hidden, bonus track), written by Scott Johnson and performed by a talented ensemble of performers and singers, explore the possibilities of one's life and the potential for greatness that we all share.

Joy Along The Way is a collection of sixty-second readings that make the trip worthwhile. Our journey called "Life" can be rich and full, a daring adventure or a touching moment. These readings will help your life's journey be all it can be. From Steve Goodier's popular e-zine, "Your Life Support System"! Topical index included. Soft cover, 156 pages. ISBN 1-929664-02-8

Total price for CD and book: $23.95

CD Tracks and Audio Samples

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  1. Right This Moment
  2. How Am I Spending My Time
  3. Let Your Dreams Come True
  4. On The Verge Of Something Great
  5. Lighten Up There Boy
  6. Will My Dreams Ever Come True
  7. It Don't Get Better Than This
  8. Wide Open Space
  9. Staring At The Stars
  10. What Matters Most
  11. The Hell With It All
  12. It's Never Too Late

Plus, a special "hidden" bonus track.