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All lyrics & music by Scott Johnson © 2007 Googol Press. ASCAP Googol On Music. All rights reserved.

Slow Down    [Listen to Sample ]

Hey boy, you're lookin' worn out
You're drivin' yourself to the grave
You've got so much goin' on in your life
You've done so much for your age
I'm tellin' you this cause I've been there before
I've told you a thousand times and I'll tell you once more

Slow down you crazy child
Kick off your shoes and stay for a while
Your dreams will come true sometime somewhere
But the harder you try the longer it takes to get there

Hey girl, you wanna save the world
There are so many people you wanna help
You're trying so hard to change everyone
But all you gotta do is change yourself

Hey boy, so you wanna know joy
You wanna know what it's like to be enlightened
You're a little too serious and a little too gung ho
And your ego's still got you frightened

Like A Magnet    [Listen to Sample ]

Like a magnet baby
That's how we are
Like a magnet baby
We're drawn by the heart
Like birds of a feather
Well we flock together
I'm pulled to your body
Like a magnet baby

Got up this morning
On the wrong side of the bed
Went downhill from there
Should have slept instead
Like a snowball rollin'
My bad day kept growin'
It's like I said
Life's like a magnet baby

Ever notice when it rains it pours
But when the sun comes out it shines
More and more and more and more

We live in a world
Run by the Law of Attraction
And every thought
Sets this Law into action
And whatever you feel
Will in time become real
I've noticed lately that
Life's like a magnet baby

Love Amongst The Laundry    [Listen to Sample ]

We first met years ago and soon fell in love
You know that crazy, blind kind of sickness that movies are made of
When the other could do no wrong and we were sure this was the one
and so like millions of couples before us we decided to get it done
But that's where the movies end when they play that wedding song
Now comes the jobs, the house and the bills, so now where's that love gone

It's love amongst the laundry
Love amidst the mess
Love that lives in the real world
And it's a love that outlasts the rest

Soon a baby arrives with all the joy that brings
No time for parties, no time for sleep, and you can just forget about doing the wild thing
And just when we're getting the hang of it, here comes baby number two
You think our lives were busy before, man, I've got some news for you
Our days are filled with diapers and doo and circles under our eyes
But beneath the daily grind there's something that still survives

Well our kids are growing so fast, along with our gray hair
We can sleep through the night now but new problems abound everywhere
Like fighting over the toothpaste or hitting each other over the head
Yelling at them to go to sleep, then trying to get them out of bed
And life is just as busy as ever with no break in sight
Sometimes I stop and look at you and say, hey, aren't you my wife

Where Is That Boy Now    [Listen to Sample ]

He was last seen in the Caribbean on some island
Or soaking up sun and having some fun in New Zealand
Or was it rock climbing or white water rafting in the Yukon
Or seeing where all those things are made in Hong Kong
He sure gets around somehow, I wonder where that boy is now

One letter said he was nearly half dead in the Congo
The next letter said he was lying in bed in Chicago
He maybe in Toronto or flying to Morocco or to L.A.
Or stranded in Frankfurt or strolling through Antwerp or Bombay
God knows he gets around, I wonder where that boy is now

He seems to some to be a prodigal son
But he's up to something much more than just having fun

I heard someone say he was near Santa Fe living in one place
It sure looked to me like he would no longer need his suitcase
But he just telephoned saying he's coming back home to CalifornIA
But don't be surprised if he packs up and flies to Norway
He sure loves to get around, I wonder where that boy is now

He appears to be a wandering soul
But what he's really about very few people know

After seeing that boy gettin' all kinds of joy out of travelin'
I hoped on a plane and was soon on my way to join him
But when I arrived I was in total surprise 'cause he was long gone
He had got a new life with a job and a wife in Tucson
God knows he gets around, I wonder where that boy is headed to now

His life is not the predictable type
But it's nice to have some spice and that's what he likes

Five years older and living in Boulder with a 4 and 5 year old
Their travelin' days and vagabond ways were on hold
Since they could no longer go travel and wander and see their foreign friends
They just invited their friends to come and descend upon them
They maybe domesticized today but the wanderlust can never be taken away
And don't be surprise if you do receive a postcard from them from Sidney.

Thou Shall Enjoy    [Listen to Sample ]

Don't touch, don't talk
Don't run, don't walk
Don't stop, don't go
Don't rock the boat, oh no

From the day we were born
We were taught what not to do
But I just talked to God
And she/he told me to tell you
Thou shall enjoy
Thou shall explore
Thou shall embrace
Thou shall seek more
Thou shall be happy where you are
While following what's in your heart
Thou shall be dancing in the streets
Thou shall see God in those you meet
Thou shall enjoy

Don't dare, don't doubt
Don't share, don't shout
Don't laugh, don't cry
Don't think, don't question why

Thou shall be wise and kind
Thou shall take your time
Thou shall be full of love
Thou shall feel good enough
And above all else
Thou shall be true to one's own self

Let In The Feminine    [Listen to Sample ]

Let in the feminine, let in the feminine
The sun is rising on this side of man
The time has come so let the sun shine in

Let in the feminine, let in the feminine
It's not about who wins but the balance within
So take a chance and let the dance begin

Let in the feminine (let us in)
We won't fuss and we won't fight, we won't even bite
But we just might save your life

Intuition, gentle wisdom
Nurture and grace
Communication and creation
A tender loving warm embrace

We're Not That Different    [Listen to Sample ]

We're not that different, we're not that different at all
We're not that different, we're not that different at all
From Nepal to Montreal (2. Sydney to Tel Aviv 3. L.A. to Bombay 4. Cairo to Tokyo)
We're not that different at all

Sergei loves the Beatles
Kim Lee loves the Blues
Kaatje is crazy for Elvis
Omar digs those hip hop grooves
And the whole world just loves music

Paolo loves to Mambo
Keisha loves ballet
Nikos knows the Tango
And Kate can swing and jive all day
And the whole world loves to dance

All of us around world well we love our families
We love good food and love sunsets
And we're all just crazy 'bout S-E-X

You and I we love to laugh
and love to sing a song
We all love feelin' good inside
And feel like we belong
I know we all could love to get along

You're The One That I Choose    [Listen to Sample ]

You aren't my everything
You're not my fall and spring
or summer
Seasons come and go

You aren't the air I breathe
You're not someone I need
To get by
I breathe fine on my own

I can live without you
But why would I want to
Cause you're the one, you're the one
You're the one that I choose

You been raised on radio
On songs where people go
To pieces
When love is on their minds

You watch lovers on the screen
Say "You're my destiny"
"You thrill me"
"I'll love you for all times"


I don't mean to spoil your ideas of romance
I just want the real thing so stop your dreaming and let's dance

Family Man    [Listen to Sample ]

I'm not rich
I'm not famous
The world doesn't know what my name is
I'm no expert
I'm no Know-It-All
I've got no credentials hanging on my wall

But I love my kids and I love my wife
And that ain't bad for one man's life
My heart is where our home is
I'm a husband and dad and
I'm a family man

I'm not cool
I'm not hot
I'm not photographed a lot
I'm no VIP
I'm no CEO
I'm no celebrity or star of a show

I start each day with a shower and shave
Then the dogs take me for a walk
I eat and I brush. Get the kids to the bus
Kiss my wife and then I rush off
To use my skills to pay the bills
To make our home all our own
To feed the kids, to tuck them in
And do it all over again

If This Were Heaven    [Listen to Sample ]

If this were heaven
I'd sculpt each day in my own way
Like a kid playing with clay
I'd embrace it with bare hands
Mold it into something grand
If this were heaven

If this were heaven
I'd take my time and never hurry
Wouldn't waste my time with worry
I'd take more walks
Have more heart-to-heart talks
If this were heaven

We work so hard to get somewhere
Only to find that it's not there
If not now, then when, I ask
Could heaven be like that?

If this were heaven
I'd sing and dance like no one's watching
And smile without stopping
I'd laugh with friends
Live a life of love that never ends
If this were heaven

We gaze upon the stars at night
And wonder at their distant light
Heaven seems so far away
From where we are today

If this were heaven
How would it differ from life now
Would who I am change somehow
Or is it just a state of mind
Reached by stepping out of time
And living as if this were heaven

All lyrics & music by Scott Johnson, © 2007 Googol Press. ASCAP Googol On Music. All rights reserved.

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